I Need to Fast

Hey everyone! I feel like I need to fast, so thats what Im going to do. Social media will be included in this. Be back in a week or so. Maybe a couple posts will come out this. 

Stay Blessed ! 


New Instagram Page

So I made an Instagram account to go with this blog. The idea came to mind before but I wasn’t really sure how I felt about having another social media page. It will be cool to have somewhere to post in between blogs though . As long as God uses it in some way, I’m good. Let’s see how this goes!!

Username: blessthecrownblog

Totally original, I know! 😁

Heeeyyyyy! My God is Good Oh!


Mannnnnn listen! I had my dance ready in my old church when they played this song, okay! and now Tye Tribbett done did his version! What! I love him! How’d he know?! This whole album is fireeeee! I’m hype right now. Excuse me while I dance around my room



Heeeyyyyy! My God is Good Oh!

Everything Is Double Double!



Please, don’t harden your heart to people. Don’t harden your heart due to experiences. There’s a common misconception that going “numb” can save you from feeling the hurt. It’s a lie. The heart isn’t partial. It can’t be numb to one thing and not to others. Going numb prevents you from experiencing happiness and love else where, when you really want to feel it. It can even affect your connection with God. 

So lean on the Holy Spirit and go through the emotions. Cry. Let it out and allow yourself to be mended. 

Just don’t go numb.