Pastor Michael Todd: Sex Container

Pastor Michael Todd hit on some things in this sermon that I never even considered. I’m probably going to have to watch this a second time. I had to share it with you all. Watch it when you can. Let’s talk about it. 

Things that caught me:

  • Sex is what bound Adam and Eve as husband and wife. Every time you have sex with some you are marrying them. Y’all I started to see some men in my head and wanted a whole divorce. I felt gross, until I remembered that I have been washed clean, made pure and holy by the Lord. Then, all I had was a “Thank you Jesus!”.
  • There is a generational cycle that is linked to sexual immorality. Say what, Pastor?! But he made it all make sense and I was shook. That cycle ends with me. I’m not continuing it and my babies won’t get trapped in it. 
  • Sex is amazing. It’s beautiful. God wants us to have sex. He created it! But it is so powerful that He designed it to only be done between a husband and wife. (We knew this but I like hearing it). 

Anywho, watch it okay!



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