We Are the Imago Dei


We are the Imago Dei, people created in God’s image. Our entire life is supposed to be a reflection of this. Our behaviors, our speech, our relationships, and everything else should be a reflection of this.

Being a reflection of God to the world allows others to see Christ through us. They should see the difference in us and be drawn to Christ from it. They should be able to say “man, he/she makes me want to know this Jesus more”. They should be able to see God’s love, compassion, and nature through us. If we emulate Him the best we can, that would be the result.

I believe being the Imago Dei has to do with our hearts and mind also. The part of us that isn’t really seen. Are we loving? Are we forgiving? Are we prayerful? Are we in communication with God? Are we connected to God? We have to be aware of the condition of our hearts and our mind; allowing God to transform them more and more to be like His.

We aren’t supposed to blend in to the world, but stand out. There should be a noticeable difference. People should be able to see God in us. We have to live this out. Jesus is the only perfect example, but we ought to lead by example also. Then maybe, just maybe, there would be less hypocrisy in the church and more people would come to Christ.

Consider this post by Adara Sherron


We can all use God’s help with this. I know I can! Thankfully, God is more than willing to help us.

Stay blessed.

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9 thoughts on “We Are the Imago Dei

  1. Your last paragraph is everything! “People should be able to see the God in us”. This is really on my heart.
    Oh if only we would be more Christ-like than judgmental and hypocritical, I bet we would win more people over into the Kingdom.
    Thank you for sharing & God bless you.


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