At the end of the day, I love this job. I thank God for the strength and the purpose.


4 thoughts on “EMS LIFE

  1. My Sister…please forgive what seems to be a late response (LOL), but we know it’s God-appointed time that we’re working with. I am back in Illinois, having moved here from California over the Easter weekend. I took a State job that God made happen, and it puts me in position to be near my family and to handle matters concerning my children. I am not back in Chicago (though I am there about 3 times per month). The Lord placed me in Springfield, which is Illinois’ capitol. Literally, I live about five blocks from the capitol building and about 6 blocks from work. No need for a car (payments, insurance, upkeep, gas, etc.); transportation here is easy enough; and the area is small enough that I can get around with no problems.

    Though I did not desire leaving the physical space of California, I DO DESIRE being obedient to what the Lord has called me to do. So, I am moving forward. I see my children often, and I like my place quite a bit…it’s actually furnished better than my place in Cali 🙂 My family in Chicago do all the cooking when I’m home…all the stuff I like to eat. So, I’ve been having to work out more so as not to gain much weight (LOL).

    It seems Ive got some new assignments and some of the old assignments still on-going. That is, my spiritual work both here and in Cali are occurring all at once. God is growing me even more and making me to see life from such different perspectives.

    I know you’re well, and I know He’s moving YOU forward also. Again, please forgive the timing of my response. However, this evening is/was the time for me to respond.

    Please stay in touch, as you are an inspiration and a teacher to so many…myself included.

    Peace (Ephesians 3:20)


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