You’re Already Loved

Jesus loves you.

It’s on keychains. Car window stickers. Greeting cards. All over. Jesus loves you, but do we really believe it. Do we know His love? Dwell in it? Welcome it? Believe in it? Jesus welcomes us to His love. Draw near to Him.

Imagine Jesus saying “Focus on Me. Come into My love”.

There are so many doctrines out there that are incorrect and/or flawed. They focus on behavior. They say be this way, be that way, don’t do this, don’t do that. If you don’t follow through, oh you’re all wrong. Their focus is off and it’s affecting the hearts and minds of other believers. Instead of bringing people closer to God, their message repels them away.

Remember how intimate God was with Adam and Eve in the garden? He walked with them and had conversations with them. They were so close. Even after they sinned against Him, He called out for them, covered them and all. His love was so present.

His love is still present.

I truly believe that God invites us into an intimate relationship with him. Desires it even. That we would know Him, His son, and His spirit. Have conversations with Him. Walk with Him. Include Him in all aspects of our life. A close and intimate relationship with our Father and friend.

Don’t worry about your flaws, having to get right first, the sins you’ve committed, anguish,  your fears, those who have failed you, the ways you feel you have failed, and whatever else. Seek a relationship with God. He loves YOU. You are loved. You are worthy of love.





Believe that.


3 thoughts on “You’re Already Loved

  1. My BEAUTIFUL Sister! Where are you? We miss you. As God, our Lord, gives you please continue to write. As always, we are praying for you an with you. As you know, everyday comes with its tests, purifying fires, upheavals and challenges—all to prove God in us and us in God.

    Right now, I am going through a spiritual season I can’t explain; yet, it’s one that is still part of my journey. I believe it’s somehow making me stronger.

    Well, keep us in your prayers to Yahweh (God) as we do the same for you. We miss you and the words the Lord places within you to share with us here on WordPress (I’m not on InstaGram). Whatever your season is right now, He’s got you!!! Amen!! In Jesus’ name, it is so.

    Bless you, mi hermana bonita!

    Your brother in Christ,



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