God allows tests and trials to happen.

Hardships and struggles.

Curve balls.

Times when we wonder “What is God even doing?” Or if He’s even there at all.

The devil takes advantage of these moments. He attacks in all kinds of ways.

But through it all, God is real. He is there. He is listening. He is drawing us near. He hears our prayers even when all we can get out are the sounds of our cry. He knows our worries. He knows our fears. He sees us. Our life. The way we are being treated. The things we are going through

He is fighting. He is comforting. He’s counseling us. He is

covering us. Hiding us. He is here.

Thank you, God

And I thank God for this sign/reminder. Just when I needed it


9 thoughts on “Signs

  1. Amen!!! Man, He ALWAYS…and I. Mean. ALWAYSSSSSSSS gives us a sign, a reminder of His presence and existence just when we need it. You are BLESSED!!

    OUR GOD IS AEWSOME to perform wondrous mighty acts for His children. ALWAYS!😁

    Praying and PRAISING with you, my sister.


  2. Yes thru all of my trials I never lost the deep down determination and importance of not giving up. It’s not in me to do so and that is God right there.
    Such power in your blog…
    I was hoping that I could thank you for the exchange of blogs. I’m new at this so anything having too do with web site design, colors, ease of reading or writing technique and the emotions it makes you feel as a reader. Please also comment on my blog site.
    I’m all ready for advice! Thank you and I will do the same for you in return 👌
    My blog is
    Thank you again ✌️


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