The Crown of Creation


I’m currently on a flight to Florida, reading John and Stasi Eldredge. What perfect timing it is to be on the page that I am currently on, being instructed to look out of a window. Why? So that I can get a good look of the vastness of this world that God created.

So I look out of the window and take in the beauty. The land below, the clouds, the water, and the shape of the Earth. Marvelous. I can only imagine how beautiful it must’ve looked at creation in its untouched state.

God performed wonders and miracles when He separated the heavens and formed the Earth. He brought forth light, the sky, the stars, land, plants, and the animals. He created man, Adam, and breathed life into him. He gave Adam a purpose and was in a relationship with him. After all of THAT; all the greatness He created and deemed good, something was still missing. Something so critical to the completion of creation that for the first time, God said something actually was not good. That missing piece wasn’t a thing but a someone. Woman. She was Eve. Creation was not complete until God created Woman. Adam was alone, even with God being present until God created Woman.

WOMAN. As John and Stasi put it “She fills a place in the world nothing and no one else can fill”.

How beautifully intentional is our God?! As daughters of Eve, those words hold true for us as well. We fill a place in the world that nothing and no one else can fill. We are the finishing touch of God’s masterpiece. The “crown of his creation”. That says a lot about our worth.

So I am passing the instruction on to you:

Look outside of a window, or anywhere with a view. Look at the vastness of the world God created and say to yourself ‘The world is incomplete without me. Creation reached its zenith in me”

And a message from me to you, “You are loved and needed in this world”.


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