Real Quick

Tell your self, “There is life within me. God is in me. God is with me. I have a purpose here.”

Believe it. Receive it.




You ever just feel, and know, from somewhere deep within, that God’s hand is on your life? Like, He’s there. There is something great going on in there. It is both amazing and nerve wrecking at the same time.

The Agreements We’ve Made

John Eldredge’s book, Walking with God, is speaking to me y’all. I’m going to share some of it with you. I know if it’s ministering to me then it can do the same for someone else. After all, we share in some of the same challenges. “Remember that your Christian brothers and sisters all over the world are going through the same kind of suffering you are.” 1 Peter 5:9 NLT

I want you to keep in mind, that one of the enemy’s methods to have us bound is by getting us to make agreements.

Unbeknown to us, we have made agreements. At some point in our lives, we experienced something that wounded us and the enemy took full advantage of that opportunity. It could’ve been something that was said to us, done to us, or something we witnessed that altered our view of life, other people, ourselves, and God. Continue reading

Hearing From God

The Bible is the ultimate source for a word from God. However, God uses so many other ways to communicate with us. It can be the lyrics in a song, a dream, or another person sharing a message. John Eldredge mentions this in his book, Wild At Heart. I was just reminded of this after an experience I just had.

So lately, I’ve been reading “Walking with God”, another one of Eldredge’s books. I usually read it on my way to work, but I also pick it up at other random times. The thing is, every time I pick up that book, the part that I read speaks directly to whatever is on my heart at the moment. I’ve noticed it for a little while now. It just happened and I couldn’t help but to tear a little. It really makes me smile, and laugh, thinking about how God uses anyone and anything to speak to us. Like “okay God! I hear you! Thank youuu Abba!”. He truly cares for us y’all.

If you hear that “still soft voice” all the time then awesome! Good for you! That’s not me, all the time, if I’m being honest. My mind goes and goes, or I talk and talk and talk. But I thank God that He still makes sure His word reaches me.

So consider all the other ways God speaks to you, and how He lets you know He’s with you and listening. Pay attention. Okay? Okay.


The Enemy’s Strategies

This post is inspired by two of John Eldredge’s books, “Wild at Heart” and “Walking with God”.

Satan has a lot of people believing that he isn’t there. As if “it’s not that deep” and spiritual warfare isn’t real. Some people know he is real, but don’t always recognize when they are under attack. Others may live their lives in such a way that they aren’t really a threat to him, so he leaves them comfortable in their bondage. However, Satan, our enemy, is real. He is actively working to destroy God’s children and His image within them. Continue reading